Community Unified Student Network (CUSN)

CUSN, pronounced “cousin”, is a peer program dedicated, but not exclusive to the Asian-American/ Pacific Islander (AA/PI) community at the Universtiy of California, Santa Cruz. As the enrollment rates of AA/PI students increase at UCSC, their presence and voices, needs and concerns increasingly impact the larger campus community.

CUSN offers AA/PI students opportunities to become involved in the community, resources to enhance academic performance, and a venue in which to create student networks. CUSN is dedicated to creating a safe space for academic excellence and leadership development by building long and lasting communiteis of diverse AA/PI students.

CUSN strives to serve the cultural needs of this community in hopes of educating members, non-member, and allies of the AA/PI community regarding cultural awareness and its significance.

Community Unified Student Network (CUSN) Coordinators:

  • CUIP Intern – Ilaisaane Lolohea Fuka (‘Lolo’)
  • Bora Yoon

CUSN Core:

  • Deanne Liu (signer)
  • Bora Yoon (signer)
  • Helen Blom (signer)
  • Nikolasi Saafi
  • Anna Louie
  • Connie Ngirchemat
  • Megan Spitzer
  • Alexandra Melendez
  • Reena Thomas
  • Theresa Atanoa

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