Motivation Conference (MC)

Motivation Conference is housed under the Asian Pacific Islander Student Alliance (APISA) at UC Santa Cruz. APISA’s Motivation Conference is a 3 day 2 night student initiated outreach non yield program that primarily brings up Asian Pacific Islander high school students from historically under represented, under resourced communities to UC Santa Cruz in hopes to inspire and motivate them pursue some form of higher education after high school. Non yield means that the students who come up have not been accepted to college yet. We welcome students who come from all backgrounds to join us in the MC experience.Throughout this conference we provide the participants with a chance to critically think about their identity and community, express themselves through different artistic forms, and provide them with a space to dialogue about education and what resources are out there. This conference is absolutely free.Transportation, lodging, and food will be provided for the participants at no cost.

Motivation Conference (MC) Coordinators:
• Saoimanu Sope
• Glen Yi