Inspiration for Scholars of Higher Education (ISHE)

The Hmong Student Association (HSA) outreach program called, Inspiration for Scholars of Higher Education (ISHE) was created as a resource for underprivileged Hmong high school students. Due to low college enrollment rates and the poverty in which the Hmong community lives in, many Hmong high school students decides to not continue their education after graduating from high school. We, members of HSA, want to give Hmong students a chance to experience the college life and learn about the different resources that they can receive to pursue a higher education. Throughout the program, we will be providing workshops about admissions, financial aid, EOP, and even a short Hmong Identity Workshop to give students a chance to voice themselves about their own identities. The purpose of ISHE is to give Hmong students an open door to opportunities, raise awareness of the Hmong struggle, and inform Hmong students that higher education is a possibility.

ISHE Coordinators:

  • Andrew Yang
  • Panghoua Her

ISHE Interns:

  • Mai Thao Lee
  • Fuchee Vanchiasong
  • Cassie Xayaseng

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