African American Theater Arts Troupe (AATAT)

The African American Theater Arts Troupe (AATAT) is a student-based organization that came together under the leadership and direction of Donald Williams in 1991.

AATAT was formed as a vehicle to create unity, higher visibility, and understanding of the African American culture here at the University of California, Santa Cruz and the greater Santa Cruz community. The Theater Troupe not only casts UCSC students from different educational backgrounds, but also casts students that have little or no experience with acting, technical, and administrative work so as to allow anyone the opportunity to get involved with the program. The troupe is the only one of its kind in the UC System.

In addition to validating and affirming the cultural experiences of African Americans on campus, the African American Theatre Arts Troupe’s goal is to raise funds for the awarding of the annual scholarships. The troupe delights in awarding at least five thousand dollars in scholarships to individuals participating in the program exhibiting exemplary academic performance.

• Dree Robinson
• Dexter Henderson

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