(1966) Graduation Coup
Students take over the first graduation ceremony, expressing their anger at the University because they felt that people of color were marginalized and discriminated against because of their descent.

(April 20-25, 1981) TWANAS Hunger Strike
Over 600 people demonstrated, and 25 people went on a Hunger Strike to protest the lack of Third World and Native American Studies. The University promised to meet their demands, however they’ve still yet to be met.

(1996) Hahn Student Take-over
Students occupied Hahn Student Services Building for 12 hours to protest the Passage of Prop 209 that abolished Affirmative Action.

(2000 Spring) ASF Hate Incident
Participants of A Step Forward were assaulted by an on campus Stevenson resident with 40-ouce beer bottles.

(2000 December) Hate Incident
An incident of violence occurred on campus at College 9 where a Filipino student ended up hospitalized with a concussion. Minimal disciplinary action was taken by the college, UC Police, and UC Judicial system against the perpetrators, two white students.

(2001) e2 Peace Vigil
The Ethnic Student Organizing Council organized a Vigil in response to recent incidents of violence, and the lack of support students felt from UCSC Administration and the UC community. This is where the concept e^2 was conceived.

(2003 Spring) Measure 10 Passes
Provided student funding which laid the foundation for and supports e2 and student-initiated outreach and retention programs.

(2004) Save SOAR Rallies
Over a 3 month period, students rally to protest how the Student Organization Advising Resources (SOAR) office was being cut. Two rallies took place and eventually administration met student demands; leading to the hire of SOAR staff and director.

(2005) C.A.R.E Referendum Passes
A $5.00 student fee is approved that supports the 6 Resource Centers and Student Initiated Outreach (SIO) Programs. The Chancellor also agreed to give $2.00 for every $1.00 students pay towards SIO for a least the next two years.

(2009 January – May) Save SIO Campaign
In the mist of drastic budget cuts, students renegotiated the C.A.R.E Chancellor match to SAVE SIO Yield Programs. The Chancellor agrees to give $1.75 for every $1.00 students pay towards SIO for another year. This was a victory for e2 activist as they continue to fight for access to create an equitable educational system.

(2009 Spring) SCCC Hunger Strikes
The Student of Color Collective went on a hunger strike and camped out of the base of campus as a response to inequitable budget cuts. They fought and continue to fight for resources detrimental to the success and retention of students of color.

(2010 – 2012) SIO Chancellor’s Match Campaign
Students campaigned to secure a permanent match from the Chancellor. e2 was successful in securing an MOU with his office guaranteeing a 5 year match at $1.50